Steven Alan Wilson

Full-stack Developer, Designer, Creative Technologist, Founder at Dominion79, Foodie, Gamer & Father.

I'm currently at the HMPPS Digital Studio Sheffield but I'm still always intrested in meeting new people

photo by Andrew Welch via unsplash
photo by Andrew Welch via unsplash.

Advice for new front end web designers and developers

I’ve been working as a freelance designer and developer for over 10 years, through those years I’ve picked up some great tips and techniques for how to pick up new work and to survive.

Original wireframe
Original wireframe.

Welcome to my new website.

I’m very excited to share my new personal website with you all, it has been in development for quite a while this year but I’ve finally found the time to get it polished off and published.

Listening To

The Dominion79 Studio Playlist
The Dominion79 Studio Playlist

Working to the latest Dominion79 studio playlist, you can too


Rotherweird - Book by Andrew Caldecott
Rotherweird - Book by Andrew Caldecott

Currently reading Rotherweird by Andrew Caldecott.


The boys playing pinball
The boys playing pinball

A quick shot of the boys playing pinball on a night out in Sheffield.


Skething out Website UI ideas
Sketching out Website UI ideas.

Sketching out ideas for a website UI.